Why Out-of-Home Pet Care?

In recent years, the terms "pet sitter" and "dog walker" have become household terms. The reason pet sitters have become so popular is because it is a unique and individual concept. Many businesses are able to crate, kennel, and feed a cat, dog, or other pet. It takes something special to be your best friends' second best friend. Our goal is to provide professional, yet nurturing and quality care and companionship to pets. We strive for client satisfaction and while owners may be hiring us, both the pet and the owner are clients.

Pets receive your sitter's individual and undivided attention! Many animals return home from kennels or daycares showing obvious signs of missing homes and families. That is understandable! What pet wants to lose their family AND their safe, secure environment? Reasons like this are what caused us to begin visiting family's homes to care for pets and tailoring services directly to individual clients. Dorothy had it right when she said, "There's no place like home!"

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