The Bungalow: Your Dog's Exclusive Getaway

Luxurious and Personalized Dog Boarding in Newton, KS

Leaving your pet can be tough, but The Bungalow offers a unique boarding solution for safe and cage-free care. For situations where our in-your-home pet sitting isn't ideal, our home-style BnB in Newton, KS, is the perfect retreat for your dog.

Unlike traditional dog boarding or in-home dog boarding, The Bungalow stands out as a dedicated, standalone residential Bed-and-Breakfast exclusively for dogs. This unique setup allows us to provide a level of care and attention unmatched by other boarding options.

There are no runs and cages, and there aren't any suites mocked up to look like real rooms - it's a real home just for your dogs! 

The Bungalow is designed solely for your dog's comfort and enjoyment, ensuring a stress-free, luxurious stay. From cozy couches and human beds to their favorite TV shows, and of course, endless belly rubs— The Bungalow is more than just a stay—it's a home away from home for your beloved pup!

three photos displaying the exterior of the bungalow, the living room, and the kitchen

"I would give more than 5 stars if I could. Not only is the care excellent, but business is great too.... Both times we've used Blue Skies, it's been really last minute due to a death in the family and we were able to schedule, add on days... I could say so many great things about our experience, but I really just want to say THANK YOU!! Such a great business to have in Newton... "

- Adriana L, Newton

What Our Premium Boarding Experience Includes:

  • Personalized Attention: One-on-one care to meet your dog's specific needs.
  • Outdoor Fun: A spacious 5,000 sq ft privacy-fenced yard for supervised playtime.
  • Health and Wellness: Timely medication administration and regular feeding schedules.
  • Rest and Recharge: Ample quiet time for your pet to relax and feel at home.

Inclusive Rates:
Our luxe Boarding offers everything your pet needs for a single, all-inclusive rate. This means no hidden fees for care essentials like feedings, medication, or playtime – a significant difference from many other boarding services. Your dog will receive personalized attention and enjoy our spacious play yard. Our daily rate is $70.

Multiple Dog Discount

Blue Skies Pet Care is happy to provide a discount for multiple guests. We offer a generous 28% discount on additional dogs that live in the same home!


Do you have multiple dogs? Cats? Other pets? Alternatively, our in-your-home pet sitting services are incredibly flexible and cover a wide range of pets —from cats and dogs to horses and guinea pigs. Inclusive pet sitting rates start at just $16.50 per day, with no per-pet charges. Learn more about pet sitting.

Let's Talk!

Reserve your dog's spot at The Bungalow and let them enjoy a pampered vacation while you're away. Slots are limited due to our commitment to personalized care, so book early to ensure availability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Bungalow is the Blue Skies Pet Care HQ and home base. It is a fully furnished home where we spend time with our guests. Think of it as a BnB for dogs with on-site concierge staff! Our BnB is equipped with video monitoring, and protected by a fire alarm system setup to call 911 around the clock. Typically, our guests are already asleep by the time we secure the Bungalow for the night, and we usually wake them up as we arrive in the morning. Our first let-out is typically around 6:30am and our last is typically around 9:30pm. If your dog would benefit from overnight company, such as a young puppy that needs overnight potty breaks, please let us know ahead of time so we can plan and accommodate accordingly.
Dogs from different households are allowed to play under supervision only and are fed in separate spaces. If we have dogs from multiple households, they are given different areas of the house when unsupervised. We have smoke alarms that are wifi-enabled to alert us and 911 remotely in case of any problems, as well as cameras both inside and outside of the Bungalow.
Yes! We will come get your doggo for their vacation! For clients within our service area staying 4+ nights, home taxi is complimentary, too!
Please pre-schedule a time to check your dog in and out of The Bungalow during regular business hours if you do not opt for pickup and delivery from your home. This allows us to make sure any other guests are occupied to allow your dog to settle in before meeting new friends.
Pups checking out from The Bungalow by 11:00am are half-day fees. Pups leaving The Bungalow after 11:00am are full day fees.
Yes! Additional guests that live in the same home can join their sibling at a 28% discount!
Yes! We believe our pet sitting service is not only the Gold Standard in pet care, but we do not charge per pet for those services. Check that out here: pet sitting services
Yes, by request, dependent on breed and coat type. We do not offer baths for non-guests and we do not offer full grooms at this time.
Boarding only: Rabies, DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus), and Bordetella vaccinations are required. These vaccinations should be administered by your veterinarian at least 48 hours before the pet’s stay, preferably seven days prior. Boarding clients must be up to date on flea/tick prevention. Additionally, pets must be free from communicable diseases for at least 30 days before their care. If you prefer fewer vaccinations, our in-your-home pet sitting only requires rabies vaccination.
YES. All dogs must be on current flea treatment/preventative.
Our couch is their couch, so Bungalow guests must be potty trained and must not be people OR dog aggressive. They must not suffer from destructive separation anxiety when left alone for parts of the day.
Yes. Our dog boarding is cage-free, but if your dog requires a crate due to house soiling, destruction, or even just comfort, you are welcome to bring one. We may also provide one upon request.
We have a excellent standard of care included for all guests: playtime inside and outside, medication administration, one-on-one cuddle time, etc are all included. If you'd like something for your pup that hasn't been discussed, please ask!
We strongly encourage families to bring their normal food to avoid digestive distress - it's the most common problem for boarding dogs anywhere! Please bring your dog's food in an airtight container, clearly marked with your name and their feeding instructions. Bring no more than a 25lb container OR just enough for your stay (plus a few days just in case) for long stays. You do not need to bag your dog's food by meal, but it is welcome. Dogs that don't bring food are provided with in-house food, Taste of the Wild.
Treats are welcome! Beds, crates, and one to two toys are also welcome, but we are not able to guarantee items will return in home in the same condition. Occasionally toys and beds suffer a de-stuffing or similar fate.