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Dog Training,
Serving Newton and Wichita Area
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Private and Homeschool Dog Training

Unleash Your Dog's Potential with Customized Dog Training

Does your pup pull on the leash until you feel like your arm is going to come off? Or perhaps they greet everyone by jumping up so energetically that it's just too much. Maybe they just won't listen, no matter how many times you call their name. We get it—life with a dog isn't always a walk in the park.

Bespoke training plan + Continuous support + Eliminating time-consuming travel or classes = Real Results and Peace of Mind

No two dogs or families are the same. We build your dog's training program to your needs, come to you at your convenience, and provide ongoing support now and into the future. That way, no matter which program you select, you know we're here to provide lasting results and peace of mind.

KPA Certified Training Partner

Training Options

Areas of Expertise

Life Skills & Manners: Equip your dog with basic cues, etiquette, and veterinary/grooming cooperative care.
Puppy Primary School: Set your puppy on the path to becoming a well-behaved adult dog.
Adolescent Dog Behavior Support: Address those 'teenage' behaviors effectively.
Senior Dog Behavior Support: Because you can teach an old dog new tricks!
Behavior Solutions: Custom plans to address complex behavioral issues.
Therapy Dog Prep School: Prepare your pup for the noble task of being a therapy dog.

vanessa (head trainer) dog training a hound

"You were very receptive to my questions and specific concerns, you were very patient with me as I had never had a puppy let alone 2 puppies. They are doing marvelous now thanks to your guidance and patience. " - Jan M., Wichita

Dog Training Sessions and Packages

Consultation Program

Experiencing specific problems and just need a helpful hand in the right direction? We offer a one-time consultation in your home to discuss and assess your dog's behavior. From there, we'll create a personalized plan and provide a detailed follow-up protocol. Plus, enjoy a month of free email support post-consultation.

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1:1 Private Coaching **Most Popular**

Want to be an active participant in your dog’s training? Opt for our 1-on-1 Private Coaching for your dog training. Your personal trainer comes to you to work with only you and your dog, offering flexible timing and faster progress. These hour-long sessions are aimed at empowering you to train your dog effectively.

Our training methods are science-backed AND beginner-friendly! We want this experience to be positive for humans and dogs involved! Get empowered to sustain positive behaviors.

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VIP Homeschool or "Day Training"

Balancing work, family, and dog training can be a challenge for busy dog owners. The solution? VIP Homeschooling! Our Homeschool program is an intensive training package designed just for you. Available in compact 4 or 7-week schedules where our trainer visits your home four times each week, our certified trainers deliver concentrated, one-on-one sessions right in your home. Alongside regular, in-depth progress reports, we also provide critical face-to-face coaching sessions to transfer training and ensure you're fully equipped to sustain and build upon your dog's newfound skills. Don't settle for less—secure your spot today for a transformative and intensive pet training experience!

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