Why Pet Sitting?

Your Pets Deserve the Best, Even When You're Away

When you're away, entrust your pets to a sitter who makes their comfort, safety, and happiness a priority. At Blue Skies Pet Care, we offer personalized pet sitting services in the Newton and Hesston, KS areas that adapt to the unique routines and needs of your furry or feathered family members. Whether you need us for a day, a weekend, or an extended period, we're here to make sure your pets feel right at home.

How often we visit and how long we stay is entirely up to you! We understand that cats, dogs, chickens, horses, rabbits, and other pets all have unique routines and needs. In general, our canine clients request 2 - 4 visits per day. We have found 3 visits per day to be optimal. All pets require a minimum of 1 visit per day.


"Took great care of our pets while we were out of town. They are 'seniors' and one has limited vision so boarding has become very stressful for them. They were much happier staying at home where everything is familiar. Thank you!!"

- Connie A, Newton

Personalized Services to Suit Every Pet:

One-on-One Attention: Special bonding time just for your pet.
Visit Reports: Updates on every visit to keep you informed.
Activity Time: Walks and playtime to keep them entertained.
Health and Grooming: To keep your pet looking and feeling their best.

Medication Administration: Ensuring timely and accurate doses.
Feeding & Fresh Water: Customized to your pet’s dietary needs.
Litter Maintenance: Because a clean space is a happy space.
Home Care: We handle mail, trash, plant watering, and more for a worry-free return.

Flexible Per-Visit Rates - No Extra Charge per Pet!

Choose from flexible visits to tailor your pet’s schedule:

15 Minute Drop-In Visits: $16.50
30 Minute Standard Visits: $22
60 Minute Extended Visits: $36

Affordable and Straightforward Pricing: No extra fees for additional pets living in the same household.

Need pet sitting services not mentioned here? Ask us!


Ready to Book?

We offer a complimentary meet-and-greet for all first time clients. We’d love to discuss how we can best meet the unique needs of your pet!

Personalized pet care, quality you don't have to question

While you're away, stay connected with your pet through our pet sitting reports. Our sitters diligently update you to keep you connected with your pet's day-to-day joys and adventures, even when you're not there.

What to expect with each visit report...

  • Bathroom, food, medication, water updates and more
  • Home care updates.
  • Photos, videos, and personal written notes.
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