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Dog Training,
Serving Newton and Wichita Area
See why Blue Skies is trusted by over 1,000 Newton and Wichita area pet owners ★★★★★

Private and Homeschool Dog Training

Unleash Your Dog's Potential with Customized Dog Training

Does your pup pull on the leash until you feel like your arm is going to come off? Or perhaps they greet everyone by jumping up so energetically that it's just too much. Maybe they just won't listen, no matter how many times you call their name. We get it—life with a dog isn't always a walk in the park.

Imagine a certified pet trainer from Blue Skies Pet Care personally visiting your home to train your dog multiple times each week, each session lasting an hour. You'll get real-time progress updates and a weekly one-on-one coaching session to empower you to sustain your dog's new skills. Upgrade your pet's behavior while strengthening your teamwork, all without leaving the comfort of your home. Transform your dog's life and your own—book your slot today!

KPA Certified Training Partner

Look to professional dog training to...

  • Establish a puppy's strong learning foundation
  • Cultivate strong bond & connection
  • Improve manners and listening skills at any age
  • Make veterinary and grooming trips easier
  • Redirect and manage destructive behavior
  • Address and manage behavioral concerns like leash reactivity
vanessa (head trainer) dog training a hound

"Blue Skies helped my certified therapy dog Baxter freshen up his skills. A great surprise was having Vanessa as his trainer. Baxter was in puppy class with her 5 years ago. Having Vanessa come to my home saved time and her training is top-notch! " - Karen Andres, Newton, KS

Optimal Training for Busy Lifestyles: Choose Our Homeschool Program

Homeschool or "Day Training"

Short on time but eager for results? Our flexible Homeschool packages are the perfect solution. Choose from 4 or 7-week in-home intensive programs where our certified trainers work directly with your dog in your home. Benefit from regular updates and periodic transfer sessions that empower you to maintain and extend your dog's new skills. Get answers to all your questions and see improvements—reserve your spot now for a transformed pet experience!

Homeschool Starter - $1440

4-week Program, 16 sessions
3x/week with your dog
1x/week with you and your dog

Homeschool Advanced - $2380

7-week Program, 28 sessions
3x/week with your dog
1x/week with you and your dog

Transform your life and your dog’s life today. Tap into the Blue Skies advantage and see why we are the top choice for problem-solving dog training in Newton and Wichita, KS. Contact us and let's start crafting the perfect solution for you and your dog.
Ready to end the hassles and begin a harmonious life with your dog? Get started!

Free Guide to Choosing the Right Dog Trainer

Ready to end the confusion and stress of finding the ideal dog trainer?

Unlock a harmonious relationship and a well-behaved pet with our Guide to Choosing the Right Dog Trainer!

This all-inclusive resource walks you through every stage of identifying a high-quality dog trainer, so you can say goodbye to uncertainties.

Armed with expert advice, essential questions to ask, and red flags to keep an eye out for, you'll be better prepared to entrust your four-legged friend to truly competent professionals.

Download your FREE guide now for complete peace of mind, and take a significant step towards positive, effective training for your dog!

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