Welcome to your intranet

This page links you to the resources you'll need as a Blue Skies Pet Care team member!

Primary Logins

These three logins are the ones you'll use the most!

Time to Pet

Our scheduling and client information system. The app is required for daily use, but the website has bonus features, like viewing the full company calendar.

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App >


Must-have to know your assigned shifts, request additional shifts, and swap shifts with teammates.

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Keep your payroll and taxes up to date, including direct deposit preferences!

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App >

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Team Meetings by Request!

We don't do annual reviews. It's important for us to all stay connected year-round. We'll share client concerns and success with you, and it's an open door for you to request meetings, too!

Updating Your Availability

Is your personal calendar changing on a reoccurring basis? Keep us updated so we only schedule shifts during your availability! Please ensure effective date is 30+ days out to avoid conflicting with the published schedule. Use time off requests for one-time schedule changes.

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Slab Knowledge Base

It is designed to help us organize and share knowledge on our team.
From pet care procedures to payroll policies, you can find it here!

Additional Links

Your work email can be used with any email app. If you use the Gmail app, however, Gmail with automatically load the Google Chat feature to that app!

If you do not use the Gmail app on Android, you will need to search for the Google Chat app in your app store for our 1:1 and group chats!

Only select admin team members need direct access to the Mightyforms website, as responses are forwarded to Groove.

Only admin team members need to access the Groove app and website.

Only admin team members need to access the OpenPhone app and website.

Need help? Book a meeting at a time to suit your schedule

Communication is a two way street. We will keep you updated and schedule meetings as needed, but you can also request a meeting, too!

Click here to book a convenient time to meet with your admin team. This link allows you to view available slots and set up an appointment that fits your schedule. It's a simple, efficient way to ensure you get the support and time you need from our administration. Book now to find a time that works best for you! Otherwise, just shoot us a message! 🙂