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Born and raised here in Newton, I have a small-town appreciation for hard work and nurturing your love. It was a surprise to absolutely noone that even at a young age, I found myself rescuing and caring for animals.Owner Ashley Klein with Mascot Skye

Volunteering at Caring Hands Humane Society as a child, I learned to care for animals outside of my own family. I continued as an adult "matchmaker" and now assist the organization's dogs that exhibit behavioral problems preventing them from finding the perfect forever home. I've also worked through obedience classes and trained numerous dogs, including rescues during special seminars held through the local humane society to boost shelter dogs' adoptability prior to events.

Going into college, I imagined I'd do something "practical." Then something happened midway through when I realized I could do something that made me feel good and made other people feel good, too.

As a Bethel College graduate with degrees in Psychology and Natural Sciences, my education focused on animal behavior, including learning theory, canine behavior, and canine domestication. In the spirit of continued education, I also attended a veterinarian-taught First Aid/CPR seminar for cats and dogs.

In 2010, I started this pet care business when I realized there was a sizeable gap in professional pet care options in our area and wanted to fulfil a need for in-home pet care.

Blue Skies Pet Care is here because I know how hard it can be to leave our fur-family with friends or strangers, especially in an equally strange place. I understand and love that every pet is special. I enjoy getting to know them and providing exceptional, professional care for each one.

Ashley Klein
Owner and Founder
Professional Pet Care Provider

I feel like I'm doing all the talking here...

What about you? What can I do for your and your pets?

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