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Meet Your Dog's
New Best Friend

Dogs love exploring the world!

Do you live in Newton and need a dog walker? We get it!

Dogs are social, energetic, and intelligent. Regular dog walking and exercise is a fundamental part of your dog's life and can be integral for your dog's emotional and physical well-being. The AVMA recommends dog walking not only for your dog's physical exercise, but mental stimulation to "smell, see, and hear beyond the limits of your yard."

Remember: a physically and mentally exercised dog is a happy dog... and one with fewer behavioral problems!

"When I get home he is clearly tired from all the playing and in a happy mood. Thank you for helping make my dogs day happy!"

- Audrey G, Newton, KS

Blue Skies Pet Care is here for all Newton pet owners!

Locally owned and operated, Blue Skies Pet Care is the #1 pet care provider for Harvey County. We have served hundreds of families and over a thousand pets.

Blue Skies Pet Care is here because we know how hard it can be to leave our fur-family with friends or strangers, especially in an equally strange place. We understand and love that every dog is special. We enjoy getting to know them and providing exceptional, professional care for each one.

Blue Skies offers various pet care services 24/7/365. In 2018, Blue Skies expanded into a small team of dog care providers so we may continue to offer our community the best, most reliably pet care for years to come. For your peace of mind, Blue Skies Pet Care, LLC team members are all employees (not independent contractors!), so they are trained, background checked, and covered by our general liability insurance and bonding.


Visit Reports
Choice of backyard play or dog walk
Improved leash etiquette
Refreshed water
Bathroom break (and clean up)
Medication: oral, topical

Before We Walk, We Talk!

If this is your dog's first time with us, please take a moment to schedule your complimentary meet and greet. It's important to us that we answer any questions you have and setup the perfect service for your pup!