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Newton, KS Changes Dog Limit – New Tonight!

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Newton, KS Commission changed the law to a residential limit of three dogs over the age of six months with two exceptions:

(1) a fourth dog over the age of six months may be harbored at a residence ..(blahblahblah)… if such dog is specially trained and certified to perform functions and duties for public safety agency or to assist disabled persons and if such certification is on file with the City Clerk; and

(2) any residential property licensed by the State of Kansas as a foster home shelter..(blahblahblah).. entitled to harbor one or more dogs as foster animals under that license, provided that the harboring of the foster animals at such residence does not cause the total number of dogs there being harbored to exceed the number otherwise allowed herein by more than one dog.

Now is also a good time to clarify a common misconception. Although service dogs do qualify for an additional dog over the limit, therapy dogs do not. Service dogs are animals which are involved with public safety agencies or assist disabled individuals. If you are unsure, the City of Newton will let you know when you register at the City Hall building.

So, what now?

In case you missed that: Yes, you can have three dogs. That’s great!

Even more importantly: If you have two of your own dogs and foster for Caring Hands Humane Society, you are legally allowed to now have another foster. Don’t foster yet? Contact Caring Hands Humane Society to learn how!

– Ashley Klein, Blue Skies Pet Care

photo credit: Wodollacc

Sharing is Caring - Share to Support Us and Fellow Pet Lovers!

Ashley Klein

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