Cat Furniture: Purple, Pink, and Tan All Over

August 7, 2010 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

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All cat lovers LOVE lace, purple, and faux fur fabric. The pet production companies sure have us pegged!

I don’t know about you, but that isn’t me! Thankfully, some companies have recognized us, the pet lovers with an appreciation for modern aesthetics.

Sometimes it’s pretty difficult to find those cat pieces that really satisfy personal style and still let our kitties get what they need. Thankfully, someone’s watching out for us! At ModernCat, Kate finds combines cat-friendly designs and product reviews in her blog. Take a peak at!

Two of my favorites include the Little Lotus Cat Tree and this cat-friendly home design.

Even more exciting is the array of kitty toys that are eco-friendly. My cats LOVE their recycled cardboard scratchers and it lasts them a very long time! No more furniture scratching.

Other products range from beautiful and unique wall decor and shelving.. for cats, to litter box hiders, to catios (I will have one, sooner or later!), to kitty beds. There are also a number of do-it-yourself ideas of how to spice up your kitty’s life without ruining the style you have in mind for your home. These ideas are especially helpful for pet owners living in apartments or other small spaces where they need to utilize all the space they have. Check it out and good luck on your designing ventures.

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