Selecting a Dog Harness

November 2, 2020 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

Is your dog still working on their polite leash walking or can’t wear a collar due to health issues? Harnesses are an excellent option when collars are a pain in the neck! Both standard and no-pull type harnesses come in a myriad of fashion designs as well as the ability to personalize some! So which […]

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Now Offering Dog Training

July 16, 2020 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

Blue Skies Pet Care has been Newton’s favorite pet sitter and dog walker for a decade now. Although this year has been nothing like we expected (#IsIt2021Yet) , this is an important milestone and we wanted to mark our ten year anniversary in some way. And so… we are excited to announce that we are […]

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FetchFind Training

June 15, 2020 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

Blue Skies Pet Care is committed to the highest standards of knowledge, quality of care, and pet industry expertise. After much consideration, FetchFind was chosen to help us further our team member training. FetchFind provides pet businesses with the education they need to ensure industry-leading standards of care for all of their clients. Their curriculum […]

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Dog Training Games: Hide and Seek

April 7, 2020 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

Hey, everyone! I hope you are doing well and staying healthy. Everyone is going a little bit stir-crazy, so I thought I would share a fun dog training game I do with my own dogs… and sometimes, yours! Why? Because I get it. Sometimes training is boring. We go over the same basic manners over […]

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Pet Care & COVID-19

March 29, 2020 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

Hey Blue Skies fam, First, I hope you are well and staying well. Second, as of this moment, we intend to continue pet care as an essential function during this crazy time. We are following examples set by communities such as KC and Sedgwick County, which allow for the care of pets in other households […]

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4 Reasons to Scoop Poop!

March 13, 2020 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

Where there’s a dog, there’s poop. “Everyone Poops”. I read it in a book once. Besides the smell, there are plenty of reasons to clean it up: 1. Both children and other animals are at risk. Coming into contact with waste while playing in the yard and, in a child’s case, not washing their hands […]

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New Service: Visit Reports

March 7, 2020 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

Blue Skies Pet Care is here because I understand and love that every pet is special. I enjoy getting to know them and providing exceptional, professional care for each one. I always welcome pet families to check in any time, but… Have you ever wondered how a visit went? Did your furry friend get fed? […]

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Skunks and the Season of Love

March 4, 2020 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

This time of year, you come across the smell more often than usual. Skunks are out finding love in the early months of the year to have babies (kittens!) in March and April. The milder the winter, the earlier they get out. So what do you do if your pet is sprayed? First, keep your […]

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Tips to Protect Pets and What to When They Go Missing

February 12, 2020 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

Yesterday was the day we celebrate love in all forms – including our pets! Did you know that it was also Pet Theft Awareness Day? In honor of a day created to forewarn pet lovers of potential cat-burglars and dog-nappers, I wanted to share some tips and resources for protecting your pets and what to […]

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Wag Off That Weight!

January 24, 2020 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

In case you hadn’t heard the Good News: dogs can help keep you healthier. Professor Jones of Norwich Medical School said, “We were amazed to find that dog walkers [owners] were on average more physically active and spent less time sitting on the coldest, wettest, and darkest days than non-dog owners were on long, sunny, […]

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