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The Essential Role of a Lockbox in Pet Care Services

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The Key to Uninterrupted Pet Care in Newton, KS, and Surrounding Areas: Why You Need a Lockbox

Living in Newton, KS, North Newton, KS, or Hesston, KS, and using our in-home pet care services like pet sitting, dog walking, or dog training? Here’s something vital to consider for smooth service: using a lockbox for key storage. At Blue Skies Pet Care, our preferred primary mode of entry is through code access (be it a garage or door), we understand the importance of preparedness for any situation. But what if the keypad stops working because of a power outage or dead batteries? That’s where a lockbox comes in handy. Although we are happy to keep a backup key on file, having a lockbox on-site for your key offers an unparalleled level of security and convenience, ensuring that the key remains securely on your property without the need for back-and-forth handovers.

Lockbox: Your Backup Key Hero

Even though keypads are great for ease and efficiency, they’re not foolproof. A lockbox is a simple, secure box where you can keep a spare key right on your property. This way, if the keypad fails, your pet care provider can still get in to take care of your pets without any hassle to you.

The Peace of Mind a Lockbox Provides

A lockbox does more than just store keys; it offers peace of mind, knowing that access to your home is always secure yet accessible to those you trust with your pet’s care. Here are the benefits it brings to the table:

  • Portability: If you move houses, the lockbox can easily move with you. Your pet care service continues without a glitch. No need to swap out keys with our office. Just take the lockbox to your new property and put the new keys inside!
  • Emergency Access: In the event of an emergency, immediate access to your home is possible, ensuring that your pet’s needs are promptly attended to.
  • Durability: Most lockboxes are built to withstand the elements and tampering, offering a durable solution to key storage.
  • Flexibility: You can change the lockbox code as needed, adding an extra layer of security and control over who enters your home.

Choosing and Using a Lockbox

You can find lockboxes at most hardware stores or online. They’re not expensive, usually costing between $20 to $35. When picking one, make sure it’s easy for you to use but hard for others to break into. The code should be at least 4 digits. You can hang it on a doorknob, porch post, a fence, or mount it on a wall. Just let us know where it is and what the code is.

Policy and Procedure

We require two modes of entry to ensure that service is provided efficiently and securely, with minimal disruption. More and more clients opt for a lockbox as backup to ensure we’re able to care for their pets in a timely manner if their garage code or door code fail. For clients without the option of garage door or door code access at all, we strongly suggest a lockbox as primary access and a backup key on file at our office as backup.

Upon acquiring a lockbox, clients are asked to provide the combination code through their Blue Skies Pet Care client portal, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access.

For homes with electronic keypad entry, a lockbox or key on file at our office is requested as a backup, safeguarding against electronic failures. It’s a small step that significantly bolsters the reliability of our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a lockbox mandatory?

No. We do require a backup access, but it can be another key on file at our office. We strongly suggest a lockbox, however.

How much does a lockbox cost?

Lockboxes are affordable and accessible, with prices ranging from approximately $20 to $35, available at various retailers.

What if my home is accessed through a keypad?

A lockbox (or, if a lockbox is not possible, a backup key on file) is still necessary as a failsafe for electronic malfunctions, ensuring your pet care service remains uninterrupted.

Even if you use a keypad for daily access, having a lockbox ensures there’s always a way to get into your home in emergencies or when technology fails. It’s a small step that makes a big difference in keeping your pets cared for and happy. Thanks for choosing Blue Skies Pet Care for your pet care needs in Newton, KS, and the surrounding areas. Your preparation with a lockbox helps us help you better.

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Ashley Klein

Owner & Pet Care Provider Blue Skies Pet Care, LLC