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Cooperative Care in Dog Training

September 29, 2022 Ashley Klein Pet Care

Have you ever seen a zookeeper wrestle a tiger for a blood test? No? Then why are we doing it with our dogs? Let me back up. Obviously zookeepers have a very different job than us regular ol’ pet families. Over the years, many different methods have been used to provide necessary care to the […]

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Woof and Meow! Blue Skies Pet Care Announces Another Dog Boarding Alternative: Overnight Pet Sitting

January 10, 2014 Ashley Klein Pet Care

I am so excited to announce that Blue Skies Pet Care has expanded its pet care services and is now accepting new overnight pet sitting clients. As a pet sitting business, we have worked hard to transform the idea of vacation pet care. Rather than dog boarding, families can know their pets are safe right […]

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How to Choose a Pet Sitter Your Pet Will Love

January 9, 2014 Ashley Klein Pet Care

Time and time again, I hear horror stories regarding pet sitting and even boarding facilities. It is hard enough to leave your pets, imagine if you came home to a hurt or dying pet… and it was because your pet sitter never visited? Or your boarding facility didn’t keep a close eye on him? Professional […]

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Why choose BSPC as your pet sitter or dog walker?

October 2, 2013 Ashley Klein Pet Care

Growing up in Newton, it’s been a blessing to experience animals of all shapes and sizes. My baby photos have pictures of my kitten Patches on my high chair and there are pictures of horses in my back yard from back in the day! Dogs and cats, especially, have been ingrained in my life from […]

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Newton and the surrounding 10 miles: all services, including pet sitting, dog walking, dog training, pet taxi, boarding.

Wichita and the surrounding 10 miles: dog training.

Travel fees apply outside these areas.