At-the-Ready Key Program

March 28, 2014 ashley Uncategorized

Blue Skies Pet Care is built on culture of dependability. By allowing Blue Skies Pet Care to retain a key for their At-the-Ready Key Program, your pet sitter will be able to begin pet care at a moment’s notice.

We discourage (but do not entirely prohibit) sole use of garage door openers, other key-less entry options, hidden keys, or leaving doors unlocked for your pet sitter for security and reliability reasons. We let each client know this, but do not currently entirely restrict the use of these methods depending on client preferences. The vast majority of our clients use our At-the-Ready Key Program.

Keypads do not work in a power outage, are known to fail independently, and doors between garages and home interiors should be locked for security.
Hidden keys are generally easily found, can rust and ruin if wet, and are sometimes moved without letting the pet sitter know.

Our happy clients know that they can rely on us during an emergency, last minute trip, or late night away from home.

How does Blue Skies Pet Care store keys securely?

Client keys are tagged by a number, kept in a locked key cabinet, and related addresses for keys are kept separate on an independent ledger for security.

This post is especially appropriate, as Blue Skies Pet Care has just filled its first locked key cabinet. I remember when first purchasing a locked key cabinet to store client keys, I bought one of the largest I could find, thinking it would take a very long time to fill. Adding a second locked cabinet is a quiet way of celebrating our growing clientele.

Thank you for trusting Blue Skies Pet Care with your pets and homes as we love every furkid like our own.


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