Rumored Pet Food Recall

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What do I mean by “rumored”? It’s not official. It’s not on the producer’s website or the FDA’s site. There could be a “yet” at the end of that sentence, however.  It has been sighted on pet information and at least one sales site.

Why bring it up, then? The alleged reason for recall can be potentially fatal.

What do I recommend? Stop feeding the food mentioned below. As a precaution, I would not recommend continuing to feed it even if nothing official comes from this warning. I will, however, do a follow-up post if new information becomes available. Shoot me an e-mail through the contact form to the right of your screen with “Iams Recall” as the subject and your e-mail and I will e-mail you future information (for this situation only) directly.

Select Varieties Iams Pet Foods (recalled Nov. 25, 2011)

 IAMS Original With Chicken Cat Food  1901403915  12794177D3  6.8 lbs.
 IAMS Original With Chicken Cat Food  1901410504  12794177I5  4 lbs
 IAMS Lamb Meal With Rice Dog Food  1901403735  12794177J4  15 lbs.

Reason for Recall:
The product is being recalled due to
elevated aflotoxin levels.” –

Aflotoxin is generally associated with corn products. To learn more about it in pet food, go here:

Iams is a very popular commercial dog food brand. Please share this with all your friends- do their pets a favor!

Sharing is Caring - Share to Support Us and Fellow Pet Lovers!

Ashley Klein

Owner & Pet Care Provider Blue Skies Pet Care, LLC