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Your Expert Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer in Newton and Wichita, KS!

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Welcome to Blue Skies Pet Care, where we are delighted to introduce Vanessa, our esteemed Head Dog Trainer! With a lifelong love of dogs and a passion for dog training that spans over a decade, Vanessa’s dedication to the art of dog training and her wealth of experience make her the perfect choice to help you and your furry friend achieve a harmonious and fulfilling relationship. If you are seeking top-notch positive reinforcement dog training services in the Newton and Wichita, KS areas, look no further!

Positive Reinforcement and Science-Based Training in Newton, KS and Wichita, KS:

At Blue Skies Pet Care, we believe in the power of positive reinforcement and science-based training to create a rewarding and joyful learning experience for your dog. Vanessa’s expertise lies in using reward-based methods to encourage desired behaviors, promoting trust and confidence during the training process.

Professional Training Journey:

Though Vanessa has been training her own dogs for competition for over 15 years, her experience as a professional dog trainer began about a decade ago at a locally-owned dog training business in Wichita after she completed graduate school. Her extensive experience in canine behavior and training different dog breeds allows her to cater to the unique needs of each pup and family she assists, which is why we needed her with us and convinced her to join us in 2022!

Academic Achievements:

Complementing her practical experience, Vanessa earned her Masters in Psychology from Emporia State in 2016. This academic background has equipped her with valuable insights into animal behavior and cognition, enhancing her ability to understand and address various behavioral challenges.

Accredited Certifications:

As an accredited dog trainer, Vanessa holds certifications from both the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and the Karen Pryor Academy. These certifications reflect her commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest training techniques and principles, making her a reliable and knowledgeable trainer.

Graduate of the Academy for Dog Trainers:

Vanessa’s dedication to her craft led her to attend and graduate from the prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers, solidifying her expertise in canine behavior and positive training methods through their two year program. With her well-rounded training approach, she can ensure effective results and a strong bond between you and your beloved canine companion.

So why choose Blue Skies Pet Care for dog training?

If you’re seeking exceptional positive reinforcement dog training in the Newton and Wichita, KS areas, Vanessa is your expert guide! Her passion for quality education and practical experience sets her apart as a trainer dedicated to building strong bonds and happy relationships between you and your furry friend.

Experience the joy of positive reinforcement training with Vanessa at Blue Skies Pet Care! Get started on your remarkable journey of growth and connection by scheduling a training session today.

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