November, 2011

Iams Pet Food Recall Followup – Edited

November 28, 2011 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

Since issued a recall for three Iams products mentioned in our previous post, the link has since been mysteriously removed. It is now a “bad link.” Calling Iams, customer service reported that there were no active recalls. Aftermarket testing found that these foods did not meet specifications and that retailers were asked to remove […]

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Rumored Pet Food Recall

November 26, 2011 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

What do I mean by “rumored”? It’s not official. It’s not on the producer’s website or the FDA’s site. There could be a “yet” at the end of that sentence, however.  It has been sighted on pet information and at least one sales site. Why bring it up, then? The alleged reason for recall can […]

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Thanksgiving Pet Safety & FUN

November 19, 2011 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

Depending on your family, Thanksgiving can be a riotous or a laid-back event. Either way, our cats and dogs usually find a way to get involved. So if they’re in the thick of it with you, here are just a few quick things to think about.  Does it hurt you? It can hurt them! Undercooked […]

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