Skunks and the Season of Love

March 4, 2020 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

This time of year, you come across the smell more often than usual. Skunks are out finding love in the early months of the year to have babies (kittens!) in March and April. The milder the winter, the earlier they get out. So what do you do if your pet is sprayed? First, keep your […]

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Tips to Protect Pets and What to When They Go Missing

February 12, 2020 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

Yesterday was the day we celebrate love in all forms – including our pets! Did you know that it was also Pet Theft Awareness Day? In honor of a day created to forewarn pet lovers of potential cat-burglars and dog-nappers, I wanted to share some tips and resources for protecting your pets and what to […]

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Wag Off That Weight!

January 24, 2020 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

In case you hadn’t heard the Good News: dogs can help keep you healthier. Professor Jones of Norwich Medical School said, “We were amazed to find that dog walkers [owners] were on average more physically active and spent less time sitting on the coldest, wettest, and darkest days than non-dog owners were on long, sunny, […]

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4 Reasons Your Cat Will Love Their Sitter

January 13, 2020 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

Boarding can be lonely and stressful for cats. Compared to their home environment, they are in a cramped space in unfamiliar surroundings. On the other hand, cats can stay right at home, following their usual routine and checked in on by a cat sitter. 1. Cats love routine Your cat follows the same routine every […]

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catpet sittingsitter

Choosing Dog Boarding or Pet Sitting in Newton, KS

December 27, 2017 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

choosing pet sitting or dog boarding in newton, ks

What is a pet sitter? The usual definition of a pet sitter in the Pet Care Industry is someone who cares for a pet in its own home. This includes dog walking and vacation care, as pet parents look to pet sitters when they travel for business or pleasure, work extended hours, or even when […]

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11 Ways to Prepare Your Cat and Home for a Cat Sitter

December 27, 2017 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

It’s amazing how many of my cat-loving clients in Newton and Hesston didn’t travel much before hiring Blue Skies because of the difficulties they had with arranging cat sitters in the past. As a pet sitter, I think the majority of professional cat sitters are both caring and hardworking. I am in several professional groups […]

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Win a BarkBox!

December 18, 2017 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

All of the subscription mail services available now are so cool! My favorite? BarkBox! You get a box of totally unique goodies FOR YOUR DOG with a value of $40!* I was at a pet sitting client’s house this weekend and had the opportunity to open that special package for their dogs and they were […]

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Owner, Pet Sitter Named 2017 NYP of the Year

August 11, 2017 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

Newton Young Professionals of the Year

The Newton Young Professionals (NYP) are a group of entrepreneurs, civic leaders, and employees of companies of every stripe*. Each year, the Newton Young Professional of the Year Award honors NYP members that have committed to improving Newton and/or the NYP association. This year, I was humbled to be among those recognized for pursuing our […]

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“Are you a franchise?” Nope!

May 2, 2017 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

Blue Skies Pet Care

No! Nuh-uh! No way! Blue Skies Pet Care is all local! It was “born and raised” right here in Newton, Kansas, just like the owner and operator- Ashley Klein. I honestly get this question a lot. People want more of Blue Skies Pet Care (“Do you have a location in Florida?”) and with how professional […]

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Blue Skies Pet Care’s App for Smartphones!

April 30, 2017 Ashley Klein Uncategorized

  Two years ago, we introduced an online client portal so that our favorite pet owners can message their pet sitter (me – Ashley!), update pet information, update home and contact information, view and pay invoices online, request pet care, and more! We have listened to our clients and worked with our software developer to […]

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Service Area:
Newton and the surrounding 10 miles: all services, including pet sitting, dog walking, dog training, pet taxi, boarding.

Wichita and the surrounding 10 miles: dog training.

Travel fees apply outside these areas.